Facing Driving Ban


I was given a producer for speeding last year but due to stressful circumstances, I forgot to produce and was sent a court summons with no time to attend on there.

I then was given some last minute work and so could not attend, I attempted to call before the bank holiday weekend but was told to call back on the date of my summons.

I called in the afternoon when I got a break from work and was told my case has been adjourned until x and they are considering a driving ban disqualification. What can I do to avoid this?

Emma Says:

I can help you but we would need to act fast.

I need to understand what has happened.

Tell me what was the speed alleged? Have you got any points on your licence already? If so, how many? How long have you been driving? Do you need to be able to drive? If so why?

Have you been summons for speeding and failing to name the driver of the vehicle or definitely speeding and failing to produce documents? Have you been summonsed for having no insurance/licence etc as well.

Come back to me as soon as you can and if necessary I will give you a free call.

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