Very Odd One – No Mudguards


Driving a vehicle with No Mudguards

Date of alleged offence: x

Followed and Stopped by LONE Police constable on petrol station forecourt, while driving customised Historic 1953 Ford with no Mudguards fitted.

NIP issued and cautioned.

Offence on summons; vehicle not equipped with wings or similar fittings to catch mud or water thrown up by wheels, contrary to reg’ 63(2) of Road Vehicles (construction & use) regs’ 1986, section 42 of Road Traffic Act 1988 and schedule 2 to the road traffic offenders act 1988.

Police constable did not appear to fully understand what to do, or what my vehicle was, and asked for radio assistance while on forecourt of petrol station.

Emma Says:

Never ever seen that charge before. Been doing this 20+ years.

Its a maximum £1000 fine at court, but not endorsable with penalty points. The court will look at your means when deciding what level of fine to impose alongside the seriousness of the offence. It’s not that serious. I would suggest at worst a £200 fine.

I bet they were baffled. Did you spray mud up onto his shiny car?

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