Overloading And Driving A Vehicle In A Dangerous Condition


Our client instructed us to represent him at court when he was charged with overloading a hired minibus. He had hired the minibus as he had his extended family visiting for a holiday. At the same time builders were refurbishing his house and asked him if he could help them collect some extra sand and cement. Our client agreed and they went with him to the DIY shop to collect the materials.

Our client was stopped on the way back home for overloading. He was devastated by the charge and the subsequent court proceedings, due to the fact that it was an innocent mistake and he was in the process of applying for an indefinite leave to remain in the UK visa.

He approached many so called motoring lawyers before us who told him to plead guilty and take the fine and points. We acted on his behalf and made a special reasons argument and also an argument under s.48 RTOA 88. The court agreed not to give any points and to impose an absolute discharge meaning that the conviction was immediately spent.

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Our client’s response;

I am sure you know the good news about my case that it was “Absolute Discharge” for me yesterday. 

This definitely wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance, help and all the support. The way you made the case etc and the points you raised that were relevant were the ones that saved endorsement and a bad record for me.

You were very professional, organised and most importantly very prompt. You always super promptly replied to all my emails and maintained excellent communication at all times which is really essential.

A Big thank you.

I must add that Abigail was really great in not only presenting my case but also calming me down as I was quite nervous. She very nicely explained to me the whole process and the things I should say. Her presentation in front of the magistrates was more then professional, she was thorough, charismatic, had quality in her arguments and was really persuasive.

The Magistrates were convinced within 5 minutes after going inside to make the decision. 

I am very happy that I chose Patterson Law amongst all other Law firms I had searched for and believe you me I did search for a lot of other firms and spoke to them. Almost all of them said it’s inevitable that I will get points on my licence and a fine.

I am truly thankful that Patterson Law saved me from having points on my licence and having bad record.

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