Cannot Open Drivers Door – Dangerous Condition


Using a vehicle in a dangerous condition

The driver side door on my van could not be opened from either the outside or the inside. However I had access to the passenger side door and the van side door and the rear doors so ample doors to choose from in the event of an accident.

Surely this can’t be deemed the same as a bald tyre of faulty brakes that also carry 3 point?

I’m am unemployed at the moment and was wondering

1/ if I have a case and

2/ do you take on legal aid?

Emma Says:

I’m afraid that we only deal with private cases. In any event you wont get legal aid as you will not be at risk of a custodial sentence. You only get legal aid to defend a case if you are at risk of imprisonment.

I think the court would class it as dangerous on the basis that if there was a crash/fire etc. you would have to climb across other people/seats to get out. I don’t think you will win at court and think you should take the fixed penalty offer.

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