Help Please


Hi I had a accident on x, I have been passed 1 year 6 months. Police took an interview of me as they assumed I was racing, as the car flipped twice an set on fire. If police were to take any action would they have told me there an then and if there was a risk of me losing my license? Please help!!!! Thanks

Ria Says:

Yes there is a serious risk that you will lose you licence. If they summons you for dangerous driving you would get at least a 12 month ban with a mandatory retest. If they summons you for driving without due care and attention this carries 3-9 points and if you get 6 or more – which is likely because it sounds serious – they you will be revoked.

I can help you but I charge private fees for my services. How badly do you need to be able to drive? They can take up to six months to summons you to court.


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