Worried Mum – Son Accused Of Dangerous Driving


My child, aged x, has had his licence for 5 months has recently had an motoring accident. He was turned into a residential road at a speed of approximately 30 miles per hour, he lost control of the vehicle and collided into a stationary vehicle. He did not cause any harm to any person. After having the vehicle towed it was apparent that the vehicle had a ‘blow-out’, which would explain the indentations and narrow skid marks shown on the road. He was fully insured.

The police were called and came to the scene where they advised him that they would have to charge dangerous driving due to him colliding into a stationary vehicle. They took his statement again after having given his rights to remain silent, where he stated that he turned the corner, he lost control of the vehicle and swerved to try to correct and collided with the other vehicle.

At the time of giving his statement there was no mention of a blow out as this was only noticed in the light of day.

I guess my question is how long do we have to wait for something to come through regarding the accident as it has been a week now, and do we need evidence of a blow out which could in fact have been the reason he lost control of the vehicle being an inexperienced driver in this instance. Could the charge be reduced due to these circumstances to another charge or would it still be a dangerous driving charge.

Worried Mum

 Emma Says:

I anticipate – based on what you have told me that the likely charge will be driving without due care and attention, rather than dangerous driving.

Dangerous driving carries a minimum 12 month ban and a mandatory retest. Driving without due care and attention carries 3-9 points or a discretionary ban.

Both carry the risk of a fines and court costs. Dangerous carries the risk of a community sentence or worse case scenario imprisonment.

Your son is a new driver and if he gets 6 or more points he will have his licence revoked and he will have to do a retest.

The police can take up to 6 months to issue the summons. If you want to have any influence over their decision making then now is the time to liaise with the officer in the case. Your son needs to raise the issue of the blow-out – because this would amount to a possible mechanical defect.

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