Donutting !!! Not in Proper Control


I was in an open car park at around 23:40 so not many people where around only a few of my mates.

I was driving around the car park and an unmarked traffic cop pulled in single crewed with no camera and alleged that I was doing wheel spins and donutting in my car. I didn’t know what to say and just let the cop give me the ticket but I also noticed that the location of the incident on the Conditional offer notice is different to the location that I was at by up to a mile or so.

Point I’m trying to say is; are police allowed to give me a ticket 3 points and a sect 59 whilst they’re single crewed and with no evidence i.e he didn’t check my tyres or looked to see if there was any tyre marks and because the location was incorrect on the ticket? Thanks

Emma Says:

If you accept the allegation then you should accept the ticket. If you take the matter to court you will have to cast a doubt on the suggestion that you were doing wheel spins and donuts in order to be able to defend the allegation.

If you deny the allegation, the fact that the officer made a mistake regarding the location may help you to cast a doubt on his reliability.


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