Can Anyone Allege A Dangerous Driving Offence?


I received a ticket for dangerous driving, even though no officer was present when I allegedly committed the offence. As I was filling my motorbike with fuel an officer pulled up and presented me with a ticket.

The officer claimed someone reported my licence plate and my driving. Does a witness have to appear in court if I dispute this ticket? How does it work that I can be ticketed when no officer witnessed an offence?

Can anyone who dislikes motor bike riders claim dangerous driving, call the cops, report you and then you receive a ticket? This is a serious charge and I am wondering how to dispute this with out it costing me a fortune.

Emma Says:

Anyone can report an allegation and give the police a statement about what they saw. Its up to the police to decide how much weight to give to the evidence.

Have you got a hearing date at court yet? If so when is it? Have you got a copy of the witness statement through yet? You are entitled to see that as part of the advance disclosure.

Do you know what this person is alleging? They would have to attend and give evidence in person if you deny the offence and plead not guilty. You would then need to cross examine them.

I can help you with this matter and I will be happy to have a look at the evidence for free if you would like my help.

Come back to me and tell me more.

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