Witness Says I Was Driving Too Fast!

Dangerous Driving Offence


I recently had an accident when my car wheel hit the curb and caused me to lose control temporarily after I misjudged a bend having moved well over to the left in order to avoid a van which pulled out and came over to my side of the road, this resulted in me hitting a council bus sign.

I regained control of my vehicle but when a police officer came to the house and asked me to present my documents which I did the same day he also intimated that someone had accused me of driving too fast which I cateogorically deny.

I am worried now that this persons word will result in me being prosecuted as I have received a letter saying thank you for submitting your details we will be in touch pending further investigations.

Can someone’s word against yours be enough to be prosecuted? I have an idea that the person who has made these allegations is the man who arrived ten minutes after the accident and started to make comments like I bet you were speeding because we always get cars driving too fast down this road.

I am really worried as I have had no offences in five years and I have damaged my immaculate car and would never put me or my car at risk.

Thank you

Emma Says:

Yes an individual’s account of events can be used as evidence against you if the police decide to prosecute. The police would take a formal witness statement and you would be able to cross examine the witness if the matter goes to trial.

You will be able to see their evidence before the trial in written form.

Just keep me informed if you do get summonsed to court and I will be happy to have a look at the evidence for you and give you my views.

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