Minimum Sentence for Dangerous Driving


I have been accused of dangerous driving in icy weather condition. I have been convicted at magistrates court and given 12 month ban, 100 community hours, retake test and 150 fine.

I was driving in snow weather conditions, police were following me which I didn’t realise, and my car slid on icy and hit a wall, but the police never saw me crash the car.

They accused me of overtaking and running red lights, any chance of getting help to get my licence back as I am a student who will be studying away from home in September and my mother is disabled so I transport her around. I have never had any points for 4 years

Emma Says:

The solicitor that represented you at court is in the best position to advise you regarding the sentence because they will be aware of the full facts of the case.

There is a minimum ban of 12 months for this offence though and a mandatory retest – so by the sounds of what you have said you got the minimum sentence for dangerous driving.


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