Police Attempt To Clamp Down On Suspected Street Racing!

Emma Says:

We have looked after a number of people accused in the recent clamp down. These are serious allegations and if convicted they carry the risk of a twelve month driving ban with a mandatory retest before you can drive again. There is also the risk of community service or in the worst cases custody.

Racing is an unusual allegation, most drivers perceived to be racing are summonsed to Court for dangerous driving.

A few years ago there were regular problems with street racing in Birmingham. Hundreds of drivers would meet in car parks and race along a particular stretch of road, with hundreds of spectators watching.

Cars would do handbrakes turns, drag racing and were undoubtedly driving very dangerously. The public wanted something done about it. The police stormed the area, arresting the drivers involved.

Instead of stopping the problem it simply made the offenders spread out into various areas of Birmingham, this made it far more difficult to police and making the problem far worse. The police came under heavy criticism and in a bid to combat it placed covert CCTV around these sites.

One officer then viewed the covert CCTV and formed the view that certain cars were involved in street racing and issued over 800 Summonses to drivers of the relevant cars. This was the police fight back against the racers and in national newspapers and on the BBC News, the police publicised this claiming that they had resolved the street racing issue and how they had secured over 800 convictions.

We have looked after a number of people falsely accused of being involved in these road races. This is normally when they have just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whilst officers have claimed that the CCTV is compelling the Crown prosecution Service and Magistrates Court’s don’t always agree.

If you have been accused of racing and you deny the allegation then please call us for a chat urgently (please click the contact us link below) and ask to speak to me, our resident racing case expert and senior case progression Officer. We have successfully defended a number of these allegations.

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