Penalty Points And Fines I Didn’t Know About


Apparently I was caught speeding a year ago, I have not received any previous notice but someone turned up at my home asking for £1000 fine or my car. How can I get evidence, I did not received any previous warnings or documentation. Please help. Kind regards

Dominic Says:

I can help you with this matter.

We would need to find out which court convicted you of an offence in your absence. I would then need to arrange for you to make a declaration that you were unaware of these proceedings.

That would get rid of the fine and wipe off any penalty points that have been put on your licence without your knowledge. I think you have been convicted of an offence of failing to name the driver of your car.

You will have a defence if you didn’t receive the request on the first place. You probably have 6 penalty points on your licence that you didn’t know about.

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