Illegal Left Turn – I Didn’t Know About Proceedings


I carried out an illegal left turn. My car was registered to an old address.

I didn’t know of the PCN until bailiffs clamped my vehicle outside my new address.

Court hearing 23 March and over £600 charge from bailiffs

Graham Says:

I assume that you have asked to make a statutory declaration to set aside the conviction? Have you been convicted of failing to name the driver rather than the traffic sign offence? If so then you will have a defence to the allegation if you did not know about the request in the first place. Come back to me with more information in that respect.

The declaration will set aside the conviction and the fines/bailiffs fee and you will have the chance to plead not guilty and defend yourself either in relation to the traffic sign matter or the failure to provide information. I may be able to get the matter withdrawn without the need for a trial.

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