Second Statutory Declaration



I had to go to court back in x/ early x for a speeding offence I didn’t commit as my details were stolen and someone used them to do this offence with evidence I shown the court said I had to do a statutory declaration and that would be the end of the matter but today out of the blue I had a bailiff asking for money for the same offence what can I do?

Graham Says:

After you make a statutory declaration the prosecution have the right to reissue the summons. It sounds as though they did that and you then missed the second summons – maybe they sent it out to the wrong address? Have you asked for a copy of the papers again?

You need to make another statutory declaration on the basis that you were not aware of the reissued proceedings and this time make sure that the court have the correct contact details on file.

If you would like my help with this matter come back to me and I will be happy to agree a fixed fee.

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