I Moved House


I moved house 6 years ago but still had a paper licence, I recently applied for a new licence (photo card) and it came back with 6 points.

Obviously as I moved house I did not receive the letters, but I was not driving and the vehicle identified is not mine, I did ring the court and they said to write a letter ( a statutory declaration) I just wanted to know what this letter should include? Thank you.

Graham Says:

You need to make a statutory declaration within 21 days of finding out about this matter. Therefore you need to act fast. You need to attend the court to make the declaration.

The court should have just listed the case for you to attend. I suggest you call the court and ask for a time to go in and make the declaration and then attend in person.

The declaration will set aside the conviction and you will then be able to plead not guilty. You have a defence to the allegation on the basis that you did not know about the request for driver identity.

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