DVLA Revocation Of Licence On Medical Grounds

Driving Offence Code: LC30, LC40, LC50

Have you had your Driving Licence Revoked on Medical Grounds?

  • You are under a legal duty to notify the DVLA if you have a medical condition or a disability that could affect your ability to drive.
    If you do not tell the DVLA, this is an offence and you could be prosecuted.
  • Anyone can notify the DVLA if they are concerned you are medically not fit to drive. This can include your insurance company if you are refused insurance.If you are prosecuted for a motoring offence, The Crown Prosecution Service can raise their concerns about your medical health with the DVLA.
  • Once the DVLA has been made aware of a medical condition or disability they will act. They will contact your doctor and insist on you having a medical assessment or eye test. This will confirm to them that you are fit to drive.
  • If your doctor has assessed your health and there are concerns that you are not fit to drive, your entitlement to drive will be revoked.
  • If your licence has been revoked on medical grounds you can reapply. First, you must check with your doctor that you meet certain medical standards.
  • Depending on your medical condition or disability, the DVLA may issue strict criteria for you to satisfy before reapplying for your licence.
    The DVLA will then submit your application to a medical board for them to determine if you are fit to drive.
  • If the medical board decides your are not medically fit to drive, there is only one course of action; revocation of Licence On Medical Grounds.
    You will need to ask the DVLA to reconsider or appeal against the DVLA’s decision to the Magistrates Court.
    You MUST make the application to the Court within 6 months of the date of the DVLA’s decision.
  • If you appeal to the Magistrates Court, the Magistrates must determine if your medical condition presents a source of danger to the public.
    You must support your application with medical evidence from professionals. This will give you the best chance of having your licence returned.

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