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*** UPDATED MAY 2017 ***

Two Men Arrested In Connection With Perverting The Course of Justice

We are watching this investigation with interest. Randox (Manchester) have tested and continue to test a huge proportion of the blood samples taken by the police/prosecution in drug driving allegations.

If it transpires that something about the way in which Randox has carried out the testing procedure undermines the reliability of their ‘expert evidence’ then clearly people may be able to defend themselves and cases may need to be reopened.

We will be making contact with previous relevant clients if it transpires that the testing methods were fundamentally unreliable. Justice must be ‘seen to be done’.

The 484 samples in question have been tested since November 2015. If you think that your sample might be one of the ones affected, ask us how we can help you……. click here

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May 2017 Update…

We’ve received confirmation that Randox have lost their accreditation not only in relation to their Manchester branch but also in relation to their Northern Ireland laboratories.

They will no longer be testing blood samples for the police in the future.

This brings into question all of the samples that were tested by Randox, initially it was suspected that the only concern was in relation to the quality control issues in Manchester rather than the testing of the sample itself in Northern Ireland.

The suggestion by the prosecution is that they are going to get the blood tested elsewhere and by different pharmacologist. The handling of blood samples is a strictly controlled procedure where the integrity of the sample is paramount.

The samples are sent in a sealed container to the pharmacologist. We cannot see how a sample that has already been interfered with by a laboratory that has now lost its accreditation could ever be perceived as having integrity.

Justice has to be seen to be done. This is irrespective of the amount of time has passed since many of the samples were taken.

The passage of time has an impact in relation to the degradation of the sample.

This is the quote from the letter from the CPS …

“Services (Randox) Manchester laboratory accreditation was removed by UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) on 21 March 2017. Positive samples from that lab were sent for retesting to the Randox Northern Ireland laboratory to check and confirm their results.

Unfortunately further enquiries have now called into question the results from the Randox Northern Ireland Laboratory such that the Crown Prosecution Service is unable to use any Randox toxicology tests in evidence in criminal proceedings.”

This decision was made following advice from the Forensic Science Regulator on 27 April and the removal of accreditation to carry out toxicology testing by Randox.

If you think that you have been convicted or pleaded guilty to a drug driving related offence and that your blood sample was tested by Randox on behalf of the police then you may have an argument to reopen your case and set aside your conviction/disqualification.

If so reopening the case or appealing out of time requires urgent attention. Please contact us if you think you have a potential argument that your case has been affected.