Genuine Experts In Road Traffic Law

Despite what you see when you type into a search engine “Road Traffic Lawyers” there are very few genuine expert lawyers in Road Traffic Law.

Most Solicitors are not Motoring Law Experts

General criminal lawyers who deal with legal aid work have struggled over recent years to generate income from their own area of expertise due to legal aid cuts.

This has led to an influx of general criminal lawyers trying to generate business from Motoring Law where drivers have to pay privately because legal aid is not generally available.

You need to know that the law firm you instruct to deal with your Road Traffic Offence are specialists in this area of law.

If you don’t choose are a genuine expert with detailed experience and knowledge of UK motor law, you could be throwing good money after bad!

  • Patterson Law Solicitors only deal with driving offences – absolutely nothing else!
  • Patterson Law has over 20 years experience in advising drivers in road traffic law matters. Emma Patterson spent 10 years before becoming a defence lawyer advising and training Magistrates in relation to road traffic offence cases.
  • Patterson Law has the benefit of understanding the way in which the Magistrates deal with traffic offences behind the scenes – gained from Emma Patterson’s background as a legal advisor to the court.

• As at the 2.6.15 we have defended 93.89% of the cases where we have advised clients they have a defence. 80% of those cases were withdrawn without the need for a trial.

• As at the 2.6.15 we have helped almost 96.45% of clients at risk of a driving ban avoiding being disqualified or get a significantly reduced ban.

• As at the 2.6.15 We have helped over 95.08% of our new driver clients avoid licence revocation under the new drivers act.


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