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Specialist Motoring Solicitors?

We Represent Motorists… No One Else

We don’t defend anything else other than UK traffic offences.

We only deal with motoring offences, unlike many other lawyers who represent clients across a wide range of legal areas.

This makes us experts in UK road traffic legislation, as we eat, sleep, live and breathe motoring offences all day every day.

Exceptional Legal Team – Exceptional Results

We publish our actual success rates, without using vague, meaningless words like “positive result”.

Not many many motoring solicitors are prepared to show you how successful they are;

70% of driving offence allegations dropped by the prosecution before trial.

92% of our clients have avoided what was looking like a certain driving ban.

We have enabled 90% of new drivers to avoid revocation of their licence.**

Our results are exceptional and well above average because we know the UK road traffic law rule book inside out.

Because we have seen such a massive variety of different traffic allegations, offences and circumstances over the years, our teams road traffic legislation knowledge is second to none.

FAQ’s Database

We have a large, free database of legal motoring question and answers. This is provided so you can learn for yourselves the best way of defending your motor offence if you choose to do so.

If We Can’t Help You – We Say So

We won’t agree to help if we aren’t confident of being able to get you a better outcome than you could achieve for yourself.

Furthermore, the benefit of our depth of experience as specialist motoring solicitors is that we have dealt with almost every possible legal motoring scenario. This gives us a wealth of hands on experience to draw from to get you the best possible result.

** Performance statistics as at 28.05.2020 – These figures relate to non-imprisonable UK road traffic offences only, statistics cover 2007 – 2020

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We answer your initial motoring offence question free of charge, just call us (office hours - or leave a message out of hours) or email and we will give you a full answer to your legal question.

We feel that we can't provide quality legal advice without taking some time to listen to you so that we fully understand the details of your alleged offence & all the relevant circumstances.

In many instances, the initial call allows drivers to defend themselves and we're fine with that.

We genuinely feel that we are here to help you & that is what we do, day in, day out.

If you have been stopped or have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post don't hesitate, give Us a call and let us talk you through your options for defending the allegation.

Have you have received an NIP or have a court date looming?

Would you like qualified professional advice from recognised expert motor solicitors?

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Proven Track Record Defending Motorists

Our principle solicitor is Emma Patterson, legal spokesperson for the Alliance of British Drivers.

Emma personally oversees each driving offence enquiry we receive.

Subsequently allocating you to one of the particular offence specialist Motoring Solicitors within her team.

Our team each has different areas of expertise, so you get the best qualified legal experts to defend your motoring allegation successfully.

Emma knows her team very well and they each have different motor offence specialities & areas of excellence.

Our high success rates protecting motorists driving licences originates from Emma's skill at utilising her team to their maximum potential for each particular case and driving offence.

This means that you get the best advice and best representation available from some of the UK's largest dedicated motoring solicitors.

We Cover All Of England & Wales

We provide legal representation for all of England & Wales.

We can represent you, it doesn't matter where you live.  We have operated nationally since 2007 making us ideally placed during Covid to manage legal motoring cases remotely. We will also provide a highly experienced Barrister for your court appearance if and when required.

The whole process can be easily and swiftly done over the phone & by email.

Every day of the week we have 5 to 15 cases being heard in Courts up and down the country.

Fixed Fee Motoring Lawyers

We have pre-agreed fees.

Whatever offence has been alleged and whichever of our specific services you need, you will have peace of mind from knowing that you are paying a pre-agreed price for using the largest & most transparent specialist solicitors in the United Kingdom.

Please choose from the offences listed below and ask us a question about how we can help you to defend your allegation;


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Do you have any questions about UK Motoring Law? Please ask and we will gladly give you legal advice based on the specifics of your case and offence.