There are many solicitors firms up and down the UK offering motoring law “expertise”, but do they all really offer you the same service?

There are thousands of general practice solicitors, providing everything from conveyancing, probate and will writing through to matrimonial representation, litigation and personal injury as well as offering to represent Britain’s motorists in court.

Many of these do have specialties & excel in certain areas of law.

There are however very few motoring law only specialists. Solicitors who only handle motoring offences, all day, every day. We are one of the few.

With a team of over 30 solicitors and support staff, we are embedded day in, day out in road traffic law and nothing else.

Our experienced team have their own areas of expertise within motor law, giving us an almost unique & in depth knowledge of motoring offence law and how to best defend each offence for each motorists specific offence circumstances.

There are very few solicitors who can compete with the sheer volume and range of driving offences we not only defend, but additionally, defend successfully.

We have received hundreds of reviews and testimonials from drivers who we have helped to obtain the best possible outcome. Outcomes that in many instances they had otherwise been told could not be defended successfully.

We are on the side of the motorist, protecting jobs, livelihoods, families and relationships.


Don’t just take our word for it……..

Here are just a handful of comments we have received from drivers we have helped to defend:

Ms Patterson runs a remarkably smooth operation that is unquestionably effective and whatever driving matter you are facing. Her free consultation made it abundantly clear that I would be in better hands with Patterson Law than with any other solicitors I had contacted, and my faith in them proved to be completely justified.


A really professional advice service that has restored my faith in the legal system.

Terry Theobald

I was told by the DUTY attending solicitor I had no defence! I was caught bang to rights and I should not waste any money attempting to challenge this matter! I contacted Patterson law who advised me of my defence according to the statements I had provided and the circumstances in fact.

Cherrylen Currie

Initially I went with the solicitors my insurance appointed who just wanted to go straight to mitigation despite the lack of information from the CPS.

I contacted Patterson Law because I wasn’t happy with this course of action, Patterson Law were very helpful from the start and were willing to fight the prosecution where no one else was prepared to on a fixed fee basis.

Paul Rigby

Hands down the best law firm in its field in the UK!

Andi Thaqi

Whilst occasionally other solicitor agencies would sternly demand an upfront fee before even inquiring into any details of the case, Patterson Solicitors demonstrated knowledge and trustworthiness from the very first call, giving prompt call-backs.

Jay Smith

A lot of companies say they give a free assessment but will either be really brief with it, ignore your request or will exaggerate their services. Patterson Law are different and genuine. They responded to my request within 24 hours, their response was personally written, in-depth and candid, and potentially saved me from an expensive mistake.


Initially I spoke to Emma who had great knowledge on all things motor law and gave me some great advice before I had even instructed them to act on my behalf. After a 30 minute conversation I decided not to contact any other solicitors as these guys seemed to really know what they were doing.

Catherine Haskell

I’m convinced that had we have remained with the duty solicitors the outcome would have been far less favourable. Dissatisfied with them we put our faith in Patterson Law whose advice and guidance from start to finish was fully endorsed by the end result.

Bobby Luya

I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone – they are the best I have ever had dealings with.

David Wintle

I went to Patterson Law after speaking to other advocates and becoming thoroughly disillusioned with conflicting opinions. From Patterson Law I received clear, concise advice that enabled me to make the decision to fight the fairly minor charge I was facing, I felt, unfairly.

Terry Elliott

I am so grateful to Emma for giving me good advice regarding a speeding fine. Another solicitor advised me to challenge a penalty in court which, after seeking advice, I would never have won and probably got a ban over.

Jamey Barron

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice yesterday. I spoke to 4 solicitors and you were the most thorough, informative and prompt.

Rachel France

Our Success Rate Defending Drivers

It is our belief here at Patterson Law that clarity and transparency are paramount. That is why we publish our success rates defending drivers. Not only that, but our success rates have been verified by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). You can read what they had to say here and decide for yourselves.

If you’re still not convinced that we are one of the most highly skilled and experienced road traffic solicitors serving England & Wales, please take a look at our all our reviews on Google+

If you’ve been accused of a motoring offence and need to achieve the best possible result; the least penalty points you can, the smallest possible fine, or to avoid or minimise a driving ban…… talk to us today  …… Ask Us A Question (completely free of charge & without obligation).

Not all solicitors are the same…… let us show you why.