We speak to around 20 new potential clients a day.

These people have often spoken to other lawyers whilst looking for initial advice. They often report back to us about the difference in the advice that they receive. It’s interesting to hear how we compare to the other firms that they speak to. Our general view is that some lawyers simply try to sell people a service/product for a price.

The proper job of a lawyer is to understand a case before offering a service. A lawyer should always be absolutely sure that they can do something to help before offering their assistance. One of the most important conduct rules is that a solicitor must always act in the best interests of their client and that includes telling a client that there is nothing they can do to help!

To be able to offer a service a lawyer must understand the basic facts of the case and this will normally involve at least a 20 minute advice call. You should never have to pay for this initial advice call. A lawyer should be confident in their ability to make an initial assessment of the case and install sufficient confidence in a potential client. Charging for initial advice smacks of insecurity and having no confidence that you will actually instill the necessary faith in a prospective client.

We promise that if you contact us for advice we will never simply try to sell you a ‘product/service’ that you don’t actually need. We will always try to give you the basic advice so that if you want to handle the matter yourself you can. We will always tell you when it would be better for you to have help especially if the case is serious.

Here is some feedback that we’ve received today hopefully illustrating that this is exactly what we do and that despite the common misconception in relation to ‘all lawyers’ we are not simply trying to get our hands on your credit card details…

Feedback received today;

“Hi Emma

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice yesterday. I spoke to 4 solicitors and you were the most thorough and prompt.

I am pleased to say I have managed to secure a place on a drivers awareness course after being contacted by the police so I will avoid points and prosecution by attending this course as you suggested.

My reason for contacting you is to say, while I do not require your services this time, I will strongly recommend your service to people I know and should I require a motor lawyer I would certainly contact you first!! Although I certainly hope I don’t need to as I am sure you understand!

Kind regards & much relief”