Are young drivers being sold fully comprehensive insurance that is not fit for purpose?

We have a significant number of enquiries from young drivers who claim that they were sold fully comprehensive insurance on the basis that it covered them to drive a motor vehicle belonging to another person with their permission. It later transpires that the third party cover was not included or they were only eligible to take advantage of it once 25 years of age or above.

When Full Comprehensive Insurance Doesn’t Cover You Comprehensively!

There are so many young drivers that say this to us we are becoming suspicious that perhaps they are being sold more expensive insurance without it being made absolutely clear that they won’t have the benefit of the additional cover. Either that or the young people concerned are not paying attention when speaking to the insurance company representative.

Please help spread the word. New drivers in the first two years after passing their test, lose their licence if they accumulate six or more points. Driving without insurance carries 6 to 8 penalty points if convicted. They then have to do a full retest before they can drive again and even then the six penalty points remain on their licence.

If you know a new driver in this situation then get them to give us a call. We are often able to persuade the police that there has been no criminality and that there is no public interest in prosecuting them or successfully argue special reasons to avoid the points at court. Use the contact us page to drop us a line or call the number above.

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