Instructed 4pm yesterday! Successfully won trial today at 2pm….!

Patterson Law Lawyer Ria Pleass strikes again on behalf of motorist at risk of a ban…read on..

We took on a last minute case yesterday for a chap at risk of a totting ban.

The trial was listed for 2pm today and we were up against it. We made an urgent application for an adjournment – the court refused.

It was an allegation of contravening a red traffic light. Two officers in a car some 100 meters behind out client claimed they had seen the offence.

Our client denied the offence and had entered a not guilty plea. We fully prepared the trial and briefed our Barrister to attend. We had an abuse of process argument to throw into the mix on the basis that a video allegedly recording the incident had been destroyed by the police.

Our Barrister attended court, explained the defence/abuse of process argument and our client’s instructions. The CPS agreed to offer no evidence and withdraw the case – Great victory – Defendant’s costs order granted – All in the space of less than 24 hours !!

Whilst we are happy to take instructions at the last minute – please try and get in touch as early as possible – its not good for our hearts!