Patterson Law Improves On Its Amazing Success Rates

As far as we know we are the only lawyers in the country that openly advertise our success rates.

We believe that you have a right to know how well we do at what we do!

We also believe that to be the best we have to keep a close eye on what we achieve so that we never let our standards slip. Look at our amazing statistics to see for yourself.

Our Statistics

  • We win over 95% of the cases that we defend.
  • We get over 83% of the cases we defend withdrawn without our clients having to attend court.
  • We have almost a 100% track record in getting our clients reasonable legal expenses reimbursed when we win. Meaning our services were effectively for free!!
  • We save over 95% of our clients from bans and revocation

We believe our statistics speak for themselves


(accurate as at 25.3.10)

About Emma Patterson

Emma has built Patterson Law into one of the leading specialist motoring law legal practices in the UK. By carefully assembling a team of exceptional road traffic law experts Patterson Law has been able to out perform their competitors with high success rates in court.
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