Police Station representations successful at fourth attempt.  Case dropped by the police, no further action.  No need for court proceedings.  Jason Rosser tenacious as ever in getting the best possible results on behalf of clients.

  Have you been denied the opportunity to do a speed awareness course / driver improvement course / drink driver rehabilitation course as a result of the Coronavirus? We are receiving multiple emails / phone calls every day in relation to people who would have been offered the opportunity to do a speed awareness course […]

  Auto Brewery Syndrome What is it? Auto Brewery Syndrome (ABS) is a rare medical condition where alcohol can be produced through fermentation within the stomach or bladder. If a person has the condition it means that if they eat a certain variety of foods containing cereals and bacteria, such yeast and yoghurt, it can […]

Ryan Butler successfully persuades the Crown Prosecution Service to drop mobile phone allegation within a week of Patterson law making representations behind the scenes.  No need for a trial.  Defendants costs order awarded in favour of client allowing us to recover his reasonable legal expenses

Ruby Morris successfully persuades the police to drop a no insurance allegation on 5th attempt. Client had an injured foot.  The officer in the case suggested that this would invalidate his insurance. The allegation was withdrawn after the 5th attempt without the need for Court Proceedings.

Dominic Smith gets mobile phone allegation withdrawn at court by making representations to the prosecution behind the scenes.  Officer suggested that holding the phone whilst using it as a satellite navigation device was an offence, crown prosecution service agree no interactive telecommunication use an dropped without trial.  Defendants costs order awarded in favour of client.

Jonathan Guscott helps client avoid the risk of a six month totting ban.  Allegation of failing to provide driver information/driving without due care.  Both allegations withdrawn after making representations to the crown prosecution service.  A defendants costs order granted allowing us to recover the clients reasonable legal expenses.