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Coronavirus and Patterson Law

Coronavirus – Latest Third Lockdown Update

Further to announcements on the second lockdown commencing on the 5th Jan 2021, Courts will remain open and will continue to operate within COVID-secure guidelines. There are currently no plans to change scheduled hearings.

For the last 11 years we have been representing our clients across England and Wales and we believe we are the biggest specialists in road traffic offence law in the UK. Throughout that period we have worked remotely from our clients and never need to have face to face meetings. Therefore it is business as usual at Patterson Law.

If you have a problem in relation to a road traffic offence then please contact us urgently. We appreciate that at this very difficult time, your car / vehicle is a means of getting out and about / doing your job if you are a delivery driver, whilst keeping within a bubble of protection, hopefully virus free.

Right now public transport is not a sensible option. We anticipate that you will need your car more than ever to get provisions and to see elderly relatives / vulnerable people who are also in social isolation. Clearly you cannot do this if you are not in the social isolation yourselves.

The crown court / magistrates court / crown prosecution service / police have indicated that it is business as usual. The criminal justice system needs to keep running to maintain good behaviour amongst drivers at this difficult time.

There may be some delay in your case being processed at court, but please do not live under the misapprehension that things will simply be dropped. Dropping cases would result in anarchy on the roads, which is the last thing the police and the government needs to be dealing with right now. The rule of law will continue.

If you need us we are here for you.

General Criminal Law

During this time we will also be able to help with any criminal offence allegations in addition to road traffic offence law. We do not normally dilute our business by dealing with anything other than road traffic offence law, however we have the expertise to deal with general criminal allegations such as assault / theft / public disorder / breaching restrictions on movement imposed by the police etc.

We are here and able to provide you with equality of arms if you need us.

More information about the Coronavirus Act 2020 and your legal rights is here

Please bear in mind that we do not deal with any legal aid work. We charge private fees for our services but we try to make sure that our fees are affordable and proportionate whilst enabling us to give enough time to maintaining our excellent standards and providing you with the support that you need in these uncertain times.

We cover the whole of England and Wales and will continue to do so. Because we are deemed to be key workers helping to maintain the quality of arms in the criminal justice system we do not envisage that our offices will be shut down at any time.