Email Scam Alert

We’ve had 7 or 8 new enquiries today on this 1 issue alone. It is looking to be an increasingly large campaign to attempt to scam UK motorists.


sample scam email

This scam email is doing the rounds today. It pretends to be from the Court fining you for a traffic offence. The number given is not recognised so it forces you to click the link.

If you hover your mouse over the link for a second or so, it will show you the destination URL where the link will take you. If this was a genuine email, it would link to a page within the website.

Scmmers hope you will not check the URL of the link and when you click on the link they will take you to their own page, which will look genuine but will harvest your payment details and empty your bank account.

This is a scam.

UK Courts Write to You

If you have been fined by the Courts for a road traffic offence the Court will write to you directly. The letter would have your name and address on it, and it would state the offence you had been convicted of. You would also be given a number to ring.  This email is not from the Courts.

If you have received an email pretending to be from the Court, please do not click on any links in it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, ask us a question using the button below….