Application to lift your disqualification early – Keyworkers may be given priority hearings

Are you or someone you know a Keyworker who has been disqualified from driving for more than 2 years?

Are you desperate to get your driving licence back to do your part during the Coronavirus crisis?

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The courts seem to be treating applications to lift disqualification early from KEY WORKERS as priority hearings.

Section 42 Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 allows people who have been disqualified for more than 2 years to make an application for their disqualification to be lifted early.

Although most Courts are dealing with “urgent hearings” they do seem to be willing to entertain such applications for Keyworkers and are treating them as emergency/priority hearings.


The time after which you can make the application is;

a. 2 years, if the disqualification is for less than 4 years;
b. One-half of the disqualification if it is for between 4-10 years; and
c. 5 years in any other case.

The application is made directly to the Court, who list a hearing for the applicant to attend and put forward a case as to why they need their licence back.

Usually when considering the application the Courts will have regard to:

· The nature of the original disqualification;
· The defendant’s conduct since the time of the ban; and
· Any other circumstances of the case.

But in the current climate Courts may be more willing to depart from the first 2 points and concentrate on why you need your licence back now, as a Keyworker, to help with the current crisis.

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