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We deal with in excess of 2000 motoring offence cases across England and Wales each year

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  • 96.45% Clients (at risk) avoided discretionary driving bans!
  • 93.89% Driving Cases Defended at court!
  • 79% Driving Cases withdrawn without trial ! (see below for breakdown)

Our Latest Success Rates

We are open and honest about our successes and failures. We think our clients deserve to know how good we are at what we do. If you need to drive can you afford to have any other solicitors on your side?

  • 3314 out of our last 3436 clients (at risk of a driving ban) avoided disqualification (were not banned from driving) or got a significantly reduced driving ban by Patterson Law Solicitors arguing exceptional hardship / special reasons / defending their case / or persuading the court to impose points instead (96.45%).
  • We have successfully defended 3229 Clients out of the last 3439 clients where we advised them that they had a defence and that they should plead not guilty (93.89%). After negotiation by Patterson Law, 2639 (80%) were dropped by the prosecution without the need for a trial.
  • 97.98% of people at risk of discretionary disqualification, for example in a case where the speed was very high, avoided disqualification. Out of 843 cases only 17 at risk of a discretionary ban were disqualified.

*as at 2.6.15 – These figures apply to non-imprisonable offences.

But we don’t want your money unless we can genuinely help! Every case assessed by Emma Patterson Solicitor and legal spokesperson to the Association of British Drivers.

“Firstly, can I thank you and Emma for your time and help today. I called several solicitors … and to say that you stood out from the crowd is such a massive understatement. Right from my first call in you all acted so different to everyone else.”

Patterson Law Solicitors Can Help You;

  • Avoid a 6 month ‘totting ban‘ for accumulating 12 points in any three year period

Patterson Law Can Help You With These Offences;

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A Driving Licence Protection Service for Everyone

Patterson Law Solicitors provide the most comprehensive free road traffic offence legal advice source on the Net!

We believe that every driver should be able to afford to defend themselves with the help of a motor law expert.

Whilst we are willing to provide our specialist UK driving law services at an affordable fixed rate we are not willing to compromise the standard of the service we provide!

Read What Our Clients Say About Us;

“Overall service from everyone was simply fantastic. Everyone I spoke to worked extremely professionally and diligently in overturning my driving conviction. I would recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.”

“Thank you so much Emma. The answer put my husband’s mind at rest. He now feels he can get a job without worrying too much about his driving licence. I am so glad to have found this service and hope to use it a lot more in the future.”

“Bless you and your firm – you are a credit to the industry and a blessing to those in distress – I can guarantee you I will refer anyone who is need of help in your firm’s direction.”

Still not sure that Patterson Law are the best motoring solicitors to defend your driving offence?….. find out why so many motorists trust us to defend their licences

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