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Patterson Law, The Fifth Emergency Service

Instructed 4pm yesterday! Successfully won trial today at 2pm….! Patterson Law Lawyer Ria Pleass strikes again on behalf of motorist at risk of a ban…read on.. We took on a last minute case yesterday for a chap at risk of …

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Patterson Law Improves On Its Amazing Success Rates

As far as we know we are the only lawyers in the country that openly advertise our success rates. We believe that you have a right to know how well we do at what we do! We also believe that …

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Patterson Law Succeeds Where Others Fail

Crown Prosecution Service withdraw allegation at 11th hour – after rejecting initial representations…. This was a case handled by Ria Pleass under the supervision of Emma Patterson. Our client was summonsed for failing to provide driver identity. He did not …

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Farmer’s Field Not A Public Place

South West magistrates Court finds that farmer’s field used as a fee paying car park in the summer is not a public place! We were prepared to defend our client’s alleged driving without due care and attention on all grounds, …

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Unreliable Speed Trap – Crown Court Victory

We have just won an important victory at Truro crown Court in relation to an allegation of speeding. The Judge found that the speed trap at A30 Temple Junction – was potentially unreliable and the conviction in the Magistrates Court …

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