12 Not 9 Penalty Points on my Licence


Speeding 40 in a 30

I received a ticket in a works pool car, they sent the notice within 9 days,

Work then requested evidence which we received, I was then identified and conformation was sent. This was in x, I then received nothing to my home address, until this a letter was received by work about not identifying the driver, basically saying they never received the letter.

Is their any way this can be used to my advantage? This will put me on 9 points within 3 years, since working for this company, I’m currently on 6. Thank you.

Dominic Says:

If you have received a summons for failing to name the driver and the summons is in your name then you will be at risk of 6 points, so 12 not 9 and a totting ban for 6 months.

If your company have been summonsed for failing to name the driver because you did not respond then the company will be at risk of a big fine but you wont get any fines or points.

Tell me more. Who’s name is actually on the summons…?

I want to make sure you are not at risk of a hefty ban.

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