2 NIP’s In 2 Days


Received in post today 2 NIP’s,

One for x/10 the other the next day x/10, both in the same location, one at 7.56 one day the other at 8.02 the next, both by a portable speed camera.

Both letters state I was doing exactly 60 in a 50, both letters have a s172 enclosed, also they both have a leaflet explaining a speed awareness course might be applicable, I’m not sure how this will work considering both the fines etc, on both occasions I did not visibly see a camera van etc.

Just seeking advice whether to fill out the s172’s for both fines and see what happens, or if there is something I can do??

Louise Says:

You will only get the speed awareness course on one of them. You can only do the course once in any three year period.

You don’t have to see the camera to be guilty I’m afraid and they don’t have to have warning signs.

If you accept you were driving on both days then you should send back the NIP’s naming your self as the driver otherwise you risk 6 points on each for failing to name the driver and a totting ban for 6 months – so be careful.

The next decision is whether or not to take the course/penalty points. If you accept the speeds recorded are accurate you should take the points on one and the course on the other. If you don’t accept that you were speeding come back to me.

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