30 Points Potentially – No Ban!

We have been chatting about a client that we dealt with last year and we thought you might like to read about what happened……….

  • When the client first approached us, she had a summons for failing to provide and a summons for using a mobile telephone whilst driving.
  • We tried to get the cases tied up together, but the Court wouldn’t co-operate
  • The client informed us that she had allegedly committed 8 speeding offences in 2 months and had been convicted of failing to provide information for one of the offences. The client mistakenly thought that the one offence covered all of the failures to provide information.
  • We called the Central Ticket Office and found out that the client had not named herself as the driver for any of the 8 speeding offences. We arranged for new notices to be sent out all in one go. Our client completed them and returned them. Due to the delay the CTO were outside of the 6 month limitation period to prosecute 5 of the offences.
  • We had a trial for using a mobile telephone. The client told us that she was not using her telephone. The Officer did not turn up at Court so she was acquitted.
  • We tried to get the failing to provide matter dropped pre-trial because the client told us she did completed the notice and return it in relation to the allegation in question. She had received around 20 notices in a two month period. She stated each time she received one, she sent it back. The CTO did not have any completed notices on their system. CPS refused to drop the case and we had a trial. Our client gave evidence and the Magistrates believed that she did respond and acquitted her.
  • There were two remaining allegations of speeding. Our client accepted a fixed penalty offer for the offence with the highest speed. This meant she had 9 valid points on her licence.
  • The other speeding offence was dealt with at Court. Our client pleaded guilty and we presented a successful exceptional hardship hearing.

Phew a potential of 30 points reduced to 9 and our client kept her licence!

This case was handled by Emma Patterson.

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