38 Secs Into Red


Two weeks ago while traveling back from visiting my dying granddad in hospital I went through a red light (that had been on red for 38 seconds). The set up of the lights is confusing, there are 2 sets that are close together, the set I went through were on red and are positioned on either side of a 3 lane carriageway.

The other set were on green and are closer together than the set on red. Driving in the middle lane the green set of lights were clearer visibility than the red set of lights.

What will the likely outcome be?

Graham Says:

That’s a long time on red…am I right in assuming you have a summons to court?

You should still get 3 points and a fine if you explain your mitigation about your granddad and also in relation to finding the junction confusing. They don’t normally give a driving ban for red light offences. You should be okay.

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