3rd Party Cover To Drive Another Vehicle


I had temp cover on my car, we have a very bad bend by our house, and as I was slowly pulling out, a white van came flying round the corner and hit us. The police were called and when I checked my Insurance it had ran out 5 hrs earlier.

I own another car which I’m fully insured with, does that cover me to have driven the car under 3rd party cover rules.

Paula says:

I’m afraid that your insurance on the other van will probably only cover you to drive a vehicle owned by another person. So if you own the other vehicle then you will not be covered.

Have the police suggested that they are going to prosecute you for the insurance issue? If so you are going to be facing 6 points and a hefty fine. Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

Tell me more and I may be able to help further.

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