4 Lots Of 3 Penalty Points In Quick Succession


Have 4 notifications of impending speeding-minimum of 3 penalty points each. So assume will be banned if cannot find a way to change this?

Have not responded yet but have opportunity to go for a day course but will this apply as I have others?

Two recent ones occurred on same night when got lost in Bristol and went around the block twice and got camera picked me up doing 37mph in 30 zone. I missed the signs unfortunately due to noise from friends in car.

Graham says:

If they have offered the course then you should take it otherwise you are going to be at risk of a 6 month minimum ban for totting up. You can do the course as long as you haven’t done one before.

You will hopefully get away with only 9 points at the end of this. Keep my details because if you get another three points in the next three years you are going to be at risk of a ban. I help almost 90% of my clients avoid this type of ban.

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