6 Penalty Points!


Using mobile phone whilst driving

I have 00000000 in the column for date of conviction for speeding but 6 points for using a mobile phone and have just been stopped for using a mobile whilst driving. 1st offence x 2nd x 3rd x what way is the chances of a hardship case as I am a sales manager on the road 24/7 and would lose job and probably house as I live on my own?

Paula Says:

Are you sure that your last offence was using a mobile phone whilst driving? You can only get 3 points for that offence. Can you tell me the offence code..

You are at risk of 3 points for the most recent offence. Tell me more and I will help further. We don’t need to talk about a hardship argument at the moment because you are not at risk of a driving ban as far as I can see.

Call in if I have misunderstood your email.

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