82 Years Old And I Don’t Want To Do The Driver Improvement Course


My 82 year old mother was involved in an accident last December. The police say she crossed over the central line of a country road in preparation to pass a stationery vehicle, causing the collision with the other motorist, she does not think this was the case.

She has no points on her licence and despite her age is a very careful driver who has not been involved in any other rta for some 20 years. They did not inform my mother that she was to be prosecuted until 5 months after the accident.

They offered the driver improvement scheme but she is now suffering from anxiety and depression following the recent deaths of her 2 closest friends and her brother.

Our family doctor does not think she should put herself through the stress of taking this test as she has already had many sleepless nights at the prospect of it. I read that you have to be informed within 14 days of the accident that you are to be prosecuted is this the case?
Best wishes

 Emma Says:

The 14 day rule does not apply when there has been an accident I’m afraid. The accident is supposed to fix the matter in your mind.

The driver improvement course is not a test. Its just a course that you attend and you pass the course by attending and paying attention. She will not be tested. If she doesn’t attend she will probably get a summons to court and she will get points and a fine instead.

She may well find that an easier option but she has to bear in mind that more attention will be drawn to her case if it goes to court and the CPS may well raise issues with the DVLA regarding whether or not she should still be driving.

I think she should take the course. I am sure the course organiser would be really friendly with her if she attends. Try and speak to the course organiser yourself to see if that allays her fears.

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