9 Penalty Points On A New Driving Licence!


Offence: permitting the use of a vehicle (moped) to an unlicensed / uninsured person.

My stepson has committed the above offence however he is only 17 with a provisional licence which is already endorsed with 3 points for failure to stop at a red light.

We are wondering what punishment this offence carries and how that will affect him regarding attaining his full licence as 6 points is the limit for a young driver. Will being banned from driving be a possibility as we are not sure whether to allow him to continue with driving lessons whilst his case is pending.

Louise Says:

I assume your stepson allowed a friend to use his bike without insurance.

He will get 6 points and a fine for this offence.

He can still take his test and pass and then drive. He will have 9 points on his new licence and he wont be revoked because the 9 penalty points were imposed before he took his test.

If he gets anymore penalty points on his licence in the first two years after passing his test he will get his licence revoked and he will also get a 6 month totting ban for getting 12 penalty points within 3 years.

This should focus his mind a little.

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