9 Speeding Offences


Hi, Thanks to Rob and your fantastic firm I still have a life. 30 points on my licence and I can still drive!! 2 days later and I still cannot believe it, please give me a quick call so I can say a personal thank you. Regards x

Louise Says:

Thank you for your kind comments – I’m so happy that we were able to help you with your speeding offences and that you had faith in us from the start. All the best and I really hope you don’t need us again.

Feedback by anonymous email to this news article;

So congratulations on helping someone with 30 points on their licence to stay on the road – a great advertisement for your company!!!
 No social conscience then…

Emma’s response:

I / we have a very big social conscience.

You miss-understand the role of a lawyer X. You also have a very naive view of the legal system. “How can you represent people who are accused of an offence” blah blah…..

A lawyers job is to get the best result for their client and give them equality of arms. The biggest miscarriages of justice have normally been as a result of defence lawyers not testing the evidence properly and colluding with the police/prosecution.

In this case we simply made representations to the police and the court on behalf of our client and they agreed he should not be banned.

If we had the power to make that ultimate decision life would be far more simple. As it stands we did not and never do make that decision.

This was an amazing victory for our firm and for justice. You are way too quick to judge.

This was a HGV driver who committed all the speeding offences within 7 days on the same road where the speed limit had been reduced temporarily and he didn’t realise it until he got the first notice in the post when it was too late and he had committed all the offences.

Therefore he did not get the chance to correct his ways and realise his mistake before it was too late. The speeds alleged were all around the 57 in a 50 mark. So nothing really nasty. This man has a young family to support and I was very happy/proud with what we achieved.

You are very typical of those that watch the news and think you know the full facts, when you don’t. We are good, honest, decent and hardworking and we do our jobs well. Our job is to look after our clients.

I hope you never find yourself in a similar situation where others are so quick to judge.

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