Accident On Off Road Bike


Failing to stop and report

Can my son be charged with this offence as the CPS as questioned it when he last attended court as he did not know the bike that he came off hit a bumper on a car and was only aware of it when he was picked up after by police as he panicked and ran because the bike failed to stop and went out control the CPS can’t see how he can plead guilty as he didn’t know he had hit the car with this bike.

Also he as been charged with no licence and it clearly states on is taped interview that he holds a prov licence as it was an off road bike. He had no insurance which he has pleaded guilty to but not sure what to plead when he goes back to court as they have asked for a jury. Thank you very much for your time

It has been clearly stated on taped interview he didn’t know about the bike hitting this car parked up till after he was arrested

Dominic says:

Your son has a defence to failing to stop and failing to report if he was not aware that there was an accident and that damage had been caused. Your son is at risk of 5-10 penalty points or a ban.

He can plead not guilty and have a trial if he wants to. He needs to cast a doubt on the suggestion that he was aware of the damage.

Your son should be dealt with in the magistrate’s court. You only get a jury if his case is sent to the crown court. You don’t get sent to the crown court for these offences.

Come back to me if you would like me to represent your son. I can often get these cases withdrawn without the need for a trial.

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