I Allowed Girlfriend To Drive My Car With A Provisional Licence


1. I have a full licence and I permitted my girlfriend who as provisional licence drove the car, it’s an offence? Can I get points on my licence? How many points?

2.I have 3 points already on my licence before I pass the practical test, I passed test on 21.10.x mean I haven’t reach 2 years yet, if I get 3 point again, will I disqualify?

Paula Says:

Sorry it’s not good news I’m afraid.

I assume that you were stopped by the police? Were you warned that you were going to get a court summons?

You are at risk of permitting her to drive without insurance and not in accordance with her licence. You are not qualified to supervise and I assume she didn’t have L plates?

These offences would carry 6-8 points for you. This means that your licence will be revoked under the new drivers act and you will have to do a full retest.

I may be able to help you avoid that if we can persuade the court to give you a short discretionary ban rather than the points.

Your girlfriend is at risk of 6-8 points for driving without insurance and not in accordance with a licence I’m afraid.

She will be able to take her test but her licence will have at least 6 points on it from the start. If she gets any more points during her probationary period she will have her licence revoked too.

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