Appeal – 6 Month Totting Ban Lifted By Judge

A new client came to us after being banned by the Magistrates for 6 months. He had accumulated 12 points within 3 years and the Magistrates court banned him for 6 months. The client tried to argue exceptional hardship on his own and the court rejected his argument.

On appeal at the Crown Court we successfully persuaded the Judge to impose a reduced totting ban based on the 2 weeks that our client had served whilst initially banned in the Magistrates court. The Judge agreed that any longer would cause exceptional hardship.

This was the best possible result because the 2 week ban had already been served and it meant that our client’s licence was wiped clean. If the judge had lifted the ban altogether then the client would have been able to drive, but all the points on his licence would have remained active.

Very happy client.

Case handled by Vicky Lees – Case Progression Officer.

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