Not Aware Of Damage


Notice of intended prosecution was hand given to me on the x it was the second one as the first one I did not receive as it was supposed to have been posted just after the offence on the x.

I remember this occasion I was in a car park and I reversed back and there was a motor bike park behind me in a motor bike parking space I moved slowly back as to be able to clear the bike but slightly hit the bike side on with my tow bar.

As far as I was concerned their was no damage to this vehicle so I did not leave my drivers details and if I thought for one minute I had caused any damage I would have done so. I am so surprised to have received this notice 7 weeks on and as yet not heard from my insurance company as to any claim from the other drivers insurance.

Dominic says:

If there is an accident and damage is caused you have to stop and provide your details and then report the matter within 24 hours to the police.

Hence the request for your information. The owner of the bike must feel that they are able to prove that damage was caused. You are at risk of 5-10 penalty points I’m afraid.

The only way to avoid the points is to defend the matter on the basis that you were unaware that damage had been caused (did you get out and check?). You would also have to show that the standard of your driving was okay.

I can help you with this matter. We have over a 90% success rate in dissuading the police from taking further action in relation to these matters and charge a fixed fee of £300 plus vat in that regard. Come back to me if you would like me to act on your behalf.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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