Bailiffs Are Coming


Fair game, I got caught with no insurance, upon receiving the optional attendance court date I did not attend and sent in a statement of means form to the court.

I heard no more, until I received a further steps action letter for non payment of a £200 fine On the x. I responded to the letter by recorded delivery to say I am willing to pay the fine by installments as I am on a low income (benefits). That I have adhered to their rules by sending in my statement of means form and its not my fault I was unaware of the fine.

That someone should assess my case and make a payment plan. No one sent any correspondence until 11 days ago when I received a bailiff letter issued with a warrant of distress. The letter states I should make payment in full for £275 within 7 days or my belongings can be auctioned at court.

The bailiff has refused to set up a payment plan because its a magistrate fine. There is no way I can pay this in full is there any thing I can do, as I feel its unfair the court has not set up a payment plan as I’m on benefits, and I have had the fine increased by £75. I’m petrified the bailiff will attend and take my family’s belongings.

Paula Says:

You need to call the court and speak to the fines office. You need to explain that you are on benefits and ask for time to pay. If the court feel you are making a reasonable offer then they will agree and withdraw the warrant. You need to stick to the order if you don’t want any further warrants to be issued.

Call the court though and speak to a real person if you want to stop the bailiffs from taking action.

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