Did They Have To Ban Me for Drink Driving?

Was there anything I could have done to avoid being banned?


I have been banned for 12 months for drink driving. I was told that this was the minimum sentence they could give me under the circumstances. I had a letter from my doctor letting the court know about my wife’s lung disease and other pressures that I was under.

I have now lost my job because of the ban, as I cannot do the role without driving. (I was a x in the Construction Industry.) I will now lose my house, as I cannot pay the mortgage. This will affect my three children and my disabled wife.

Not only will we lose our house but also the house that we bought for my wife’s parents, so they could be near her. I know that what I did was wrong but can I appeal for the sake of my family? The court hearing was on the x/10 and I have been informed that I should have appealed within 21 days.

Is there anything that I can do?

Dominic Says:

12 months is the minimum ban for drink driving. The court has no discretion unless you defend the allegation or persuade them that were special reasons – for example driving in the context of an emergency.

If you pleaded guilty and did not argue special reasons (this is more than mitigation) then this was the minimum sentence that you could get I’m afraid. The court has to ban you. It’s mandatory.


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