I Was On My Blue Tooth


Driving whilst using a mobile phone

I was stopped after visiting a customer by 2 police officers who allege I was holding a mobile phone to my ear whilst driving. I regularly travel and phone as part of my job and have a blue tooth headset which is constantly glued to my ear!

My mobile phone was in fact situated in my jacket pocket – nowhere near my ear! Having explained this to the police officer this was dismissed out of hand. My phone records show I had been making a call but this had finished 4 minutes before the police-event had taken place.

In addition, the ticket has been issued to be for a code offence: 2511/Excess Speed 50, when there was no mention of this from the officer in question. Do I have grounds to contest this?

Paula Says:

If you deny you were holding the phone whilst driving then you have a defence and I will be happy to assist.

If you can cast a doubt on the officer account of events then you will win. I get over 83% of these cases withdrawn without the need for a trial and win over 95% overall.

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