Bump In A Car Park


On x I received a call from my insurance company saying that my vehicle had been involved in an incident on x. Having got to the bottom of this, it seems I damaged a parked car with a light bump whilst reversing in a tight space. This must of been a very low speed hit as I was not aware of it at the time.

As a witness had provided my reg, I have admitted liability as I have protected no-claims and there was no damage to my car. On the x I got a Form 963 in the post requesting driver details and alleging driving without due care and failing to stop.

Whilst I know the due care probably doesn’t have much of a defence, the failing to stop rankles when I was unaware of the accident. The form had the time of incident between 8am and 10am, but i was not there then, but I was later on in the day.

I have returned the form but I have filled in the dispute box stating that I was not there between those hours and can provide witnesses, I guess they may amend the time though. What do you think the outcome will be?

 Emma Says:

The police always go for these three offences when someone leaves the scene without leaving their details. You have a defence if the court accept that you were not aware of the accident.

We maybe able to persuade the police not to take any further action and to leave it to the insurance companies to resolved. If you get a summons you will be at risk of 5-10 points for the fail to stop and report charge.

Out of the last 55 cases that we have taken on at this stage only 5 have resulted in a court summons – in the other 50 the police agreed to take no further action.

They may amend the time. If you deny being the driver at the time you will get a summons for failing to name the driver which carries 6 points. The court may take the view that you are being pedantic regarding the timings.

Would you like my help with this matter? We charge a fixed fee to try and get the police to take no further action regarding any driving offences.

Come back to me if I can assist further.

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