Is The Calibration Certificate Valid


Speeding gatso camera

I recently got a letter through saying I was doing 54 in a 40, I pass this camera everyday and was certain I hadn’t been, I’ve received pictures from NESCAMP and looked at the calibration certificate, my question is.. How do I know if the certificate is valid?

Louise says:

I’m afraid you have to accept that the police would not send you an invalid certificate unless you are prepared to take the matter to court. They certainly would not forge a certificate.

Check the dates and make sure it has been calibrated within the last 12 months and that’s about as much as you can do without rejecting the fixed penalty and taking the matter to court I’m afraid.

Ask for the photos and do a secondary check using the lines on the road if you don’t accept that you were speeding. You can find the calculation on the ABD website.

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