Speeding Offence – Calibration Evidence


I am 90% sure I was driving a works vehicle that was allegedly speeding.

Am I allowed to see relevant copies of all paperwork relating to the offence, i.e. camera location, calibration certificates etc. before I attend court?

I have informed the officers concerned that I am not 100% positive if I was driving and they have said it will go to court unless I am fully positive I was driving.

Are they trying to frighten me into admitting the offence?

Where do I stand legally in requesting all information before going to court in letters I have written requesting it.

Many thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you

Louise Says:

The only thing the police will let you see before court is the photo evidence and if you are not sure who was driving then you should ask to see this. Other than that you are not entitled to disclosure of calibration certificates etc as of right.

If you are unwilling to commit to being the driver you will get summons to court for failing to name the driver – they are not just threatening you. This carries 6 points and a hefty fine. I defend around 300-400 of these cases every year so I can say that they are not just trying to intimidate you.

If you are unsure who was driving you need to show that you have used reasonable diligence to figure it out and you need to name all potential other drivers.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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